Another peasant dish she said....

I have heard this many times now. It's a peasant dish, right? Folks, the answer is yes. You will learn that I am a big fan.

This time less narrative, just a quick recipe for you . It's really a continuation of the Saturday's Arthur avenue saga.

Whiting with Potatoes and Origano

Ingredients: 1 1/2 lb of fresh Whiting (remove heads, and innards) , 1/2 green cubanelle pepper 6 cloves garlic, crushed not minced, , lots of Origano, 1/2 cup white in 1/2 cup H2O, 6 medium sized potatoes , peeled and cut in half, S/P, EVOO , (optional) 1 tablespoon butter (salted in my book),

Rating: Fan Club, "Wow, this is really good! " . Dancing Chef: Great, but I have other variations that work even better.

Recipe: Brown potatoes, after cutting in half (use butter during browning) . Remove potatoes, add whiting, then arrange potatoes in pan . Cook with lid in high edge non-stick pan, Remove lid half way through cooking time. Once cooked, remove potatoes first, then whiting bodies w/o breaking them apart. Arrange on flat plate adding back potatoes on as accents.

Pasta e Fagioli al Basilico fresco

This is lesser known classic. Pasta e Fagioli is often made as a soup. This dish is the drier version and is kicked up by using some fresh julienned Basil which is added to beans.

Ingredients: White navy beans, cooked from scratch (not from cans) - recipe for another day, Pasta Corta - I used small shells (Dececco Conchigliette) this time, S/P, EEO, a good handful of fresh basil leaves, coarsely julienned.

Rating: Fan Club: "Can't I have another bowl (number 3)? " Dancing Chef: Always happy with this one.

Recipe: Cook beans day before. Reheat add beans, Toss with Pasta , Abundant EVOO , S/P. Top with strong Romano cheese. Goes well with a fruity Frascati wine.

Today's Lesson: Never underestimate the power of imported oregano ! Buy a bunch (non discolored) today

Salute !


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