Celebrating the Love of Cooking


Cooking and the love of cooking is passion for many of us. For some even a way of life. I am not at that level but indeed , it does play a important role in my life.  That is powerful statement. 

Over the past few months I have done some reflecting on my cooking, what it means and how it helps. These reflections have been capture in some blog posts that were published to medium.com,  a superb  blogging platform that I use for my more creative writing fun. 

To share this content with my Some Love Around the Island fans, I have decided to write this post and link to my other posts.  Sorry , no recipes, just reflections my love for cooking intertwined at times with with elements of spiritual , political and personal philosophy.

In the recent post entitled "Cooking and the renewed quest for work-life balance"  I share with you the "feel good" part of cooking.    



In the post "Interpreting My Love of Cooking - Cooking" I talk about how cooking can be a most  sincere way to show love.


Enjoy the treats and reflections


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