Food Slang and Shorteners

Thought I'd list some of the words and abbreviations that I am likely to use in my blogging.

Fancy Words

Dulcet - sweet as honey
Escluent - Suitable for eating; edible
Graminivirous - grass fed, as in as in the real "organic" farm animals
Macaronic - nothing to do with pasta, but thought I'd add it - mixed , jumbled as in speech , text, language  
Maderized - oxidized smell and taste, as in marsala and Madeira wines
Nectarous - sweet as in nectar, fit for the godsPétillant - Effervescent
Piquant - spicy, but in a somewhat balanced way

Mick's Abbreviations
EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (a Rachel Ray-ism , that some consider an annoyance)

Al dente - it's how you want your pasta to be cooked, just undercooked
Braise, Braised  - cook something in its own juices, in a sealed pan
Julienne, Julienned - slice a veggie into thin sticks, looks really pretty !
Mise en place - the "ritual of organizing tools, and ingredients before cooking". Think of Mise en Scene from theater.
Sauté , Sautéed, cook quickly in butter or oil over direct heat

Salute! - Cheers and to health. Italian as you all might have figured out by now.

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