Hatchlings 2011-2017

Ideas come and go, so I thought that I should start catching a few of them before then landed in the great big bit bucket of unrealized dishes. Watch out for these upcoming hatchlings. Feel free to vote and suggest challenges.

April 24 , 2015
Inspired by need to clear my heart and soul.

 Cajun Monkfish Tenders, Tempeh chips, with sweet , chipotle mustard dipping vinaigrette
- Disposition - Beyond perfection, No Knife needed.

January 18 , 2015
Inspired by Spainards, Greeks and My Own Kind
 Stewed Octopus with Sauteed Dandelions in Lemon Sauce
 Papparde in  Black Chick Pea and Calamari , Topped with Sauteed Frisee' 
- Disposition - Delivered to the World as promised

March 27,  2013
Uncommon Side Dish
Stewed Cabbage with Sauteed Peppers
 - Disposition- Super Yummy. Cabbage never has to be bland again. Thank goodness for caramelization.

February 28,  2013
Super Fast Dish
Chickpea Avocado Salad with Double Mirin Vinagrette
 - Disposition- A big hit, and great as  evening side dish.

January 18, 2013
Super Fast Dish
Cous-Cous with White Cannelini Beans,  Pecorino Chips and EVOO 
 - Disposition- Super happy to have tried this dish . Perfect when short on time.

October 5, 2012
Boiled Prosciutto End Meat Salad (Sherry Vinaigrette) and  lettuce greens/arugula 
- Disposition- Waiting for the right cut of meat my local Tarry Market 

October 4, 2012 
Mexican Sweet Potato Mash 
- Disposition :  Surprisingly flavorful variation, and not too sweet. Perfect with Irish butter

September 30, 2012 
Finger Food
Black Beans in spicy yogurt-lime sauce . 

- Disposition : Forget bean dip. This goes great with cold beer.

April 1, 2012 
Salad or Side Dish
Warm Poached Ramp and Fennel Salad with  Smoke Trout Creme

- Disposition - Take 1 partially successful, working on perfecting texture - Stay tuned

March 30, 2012
Oriecchiette with Broccoli Florets and Sweet Yellow Peppers

-Disposition - Happily Digested!

January 3, 2012
Side Dish
Butternut Squash Crescents
wrapped in Sauteed Spinach Leaves
atop a bed of fresh sweet corn kernels

-Disposition: Realized,very elegant presentation, too bad I did not capture worthy images

December 2, 2011
Sunchokes and Radish Discs
Dried Dates Garnish
Walnut Oil Sherry Vinaigrette
-Disposition: Realized, Fan Club Screamed with Palateful delight

November 28, 2011
Shaved Pork Belly Ribbons (lean)
Poached in french onion broth
on Steamed Handmade Rice "Wonton" Patties base
Topped with Porcini Ragoût

-Disposition: Incubating

Sunchoke and Jicama
"Stewed" Dried Craberries
Tangerine Vinaigrette

-Disposition: Incubating

November 26, 2011
Layered Mushroom Tower
Portobello Mushroom Discs (top and bottom, 2)
Grilled Comté Cheese Discs (center, 1)
Bright Green Spinach Cream (in between)

-Disposition: Incubating

November 23, 2011
Corn bread Tartlets
Stewed smoked turkey meat in Cuban / Middle-eastern spices
Crème Fraiche
- Disposition : Scheduled for Thanksgiving 2011 - Stay Tuned
"One of best dishes" See Post

Roasted , Breaded Asparagus Spears wrapped
Italian speck Ham
Emmentaler Cheese

- Disposition: Scheduled for Thanksgiving 2011 - Stay Tuned

November 12, 2011
Mini Stuffed Pepper Medley with matching sauces
yellow filled with savory Bulgar wheat and Sicilian anchovies / creamed sauce piquant
reds filled with cranberry pork stuffing / creamed Harrisa dipping sauce
orange filled gorgonzola escarole mixture / roasted shallot miso dipping sauce
- Disposition: Incubating .

November 11, 2011
Layered Panna Cotta Shots
spicy cream atop of smooth silky reprieve
- Disposition: Incubating

October 29, 2011
After Dinner Cocktail: The "Orange Palm"
2 parts Cointreau
1 part Markers Mark
1 Majhool dates, pitted

-Disposition - Realized, The Queen approved

Feel free to suggest

Salute !

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