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Going Vegan ? Nope , Turn to Flavors

Folks, a few new creations. Delightfully bold flavors.

The toasted breadcrumb and Parmigiano cheese brought a totally new experience of texture and flavors.

Who would have thought that Tofu could be so good.  Don't tell my mom.

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Amazing Pistachios, Changing Cod Fish Forever

Forget Shake and Bake. Here is a layered creation that brings new life to otherwise delicate Cod Fish steaks.

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Home by COS 

Pappardelle Time - Chickpeas Never Tasted Better

Here's a dish inspired by a Calabrian  Classic.  Traditionalists won't approve but our tummies did.

Wikipedia - Lagane e Cicciari 

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Got Mozza ?

Deceiving Korean Devils

Sometimes I get it wrong when it comes to hot peppers. These babies looked like somewhat mild hot Italian peppers or some long hot Mexican Peppers which are mostly manageable.

Wrong. I Should have known better. These Korean babies carried a unexpected, unusually high scoville rating  I will bet somewhere along side habaneros - at 100K to 300K ...

Learned my lesson. And loved it every bite of the way !

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Paella Experimentation

There are times that I love to experiment just to kill away the boredom. And I get to play the culinary Guinea Pig. Yummy

Here are some plays on Paella

This was made with Brown Rice, Very different way to cook.  Grouper Filet , who would have thought, was made part of the recipe.

Black Venus in My Kitchen

The idea of playing with lesser common ingredients has always intrigued me. Not that I'd consider going totally bizarre on you, but certainly working with products and flavors that are harder to find I am seeing as culinary fun.

Today I decided on experimenting a bit with Falasco Black Venus (Venere) Rice and using it as a base for saffron scallop dish.

Cooking the rice was something different due to its low starch content.  The process was a cross of risotto making, and paella. Cooking time, extended well into an hour for the rice alone , and the entire dish did  take an additional 30 minutes.

End result -  a great new dish .  The Queen was super happy , and so was I


Falasco Venus Black Rice