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Hotcakes, Sicilian Style, well almost

Usually on the day after Thanksgiving , the fridge is working overtime to chill the previous day's leftovers. You can think of it as your own gourmet delicatessen counter, ripe and stuffed with goodies galore. Yet, early in the morning the tough question was "Is there anything for breakfast?". This was a critical moment. I did not want to stand in the way of soon-to-be black Friday shoppers.

What made things even more critical was that we had not had dinner the night before - some people amazingly are able to - so a legitimate appetite had waken up along with us that morning. Indeed the fan club was ready for some home cooked fare before getting into the serious business of stimulating the economy with countless other black Friday shoppers. Time was limited, so some practicality needed to be applied.

When I opened the fridge, cozily laying on top of a tray of baked ziti, I saw about half a dozen of yesterday's panelle. Eureka! Hotcakes to the rescue!

It turns out that topped with some warm vermont maple syrup, they can actually beat out the best of buttermilks The panelle's natural softness and mild flavor perfectly matches with our amazing northern tree sap. I tend to think about them as rustic prairie hotcakes.

Just to make things sweeter, I experimented more that morning. Without forgetting our dose of vitamin C, I decided to add about 1 oz of maple syrup to 1 cup of Orange juice. Mix, and sip. Step aside mimosas: here is something that you can drink even on the coldest of winter days.

Finally, throw in some spicy roasted sausage links and meal is on its way of inclusion in the annals of Culinary Americana.

Panelle with Maple Syrup


Leftover panelle (previous article)
Premium Grade Vermont Maple Syrup


Reheat the leftover panelle until , crisp. Plate, top with warm maple syrup.

Today's lesson: Going Green can start with the morning after thanksgiving. Remember to recycle from your new found pantry.

Salute !


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