Sunday Pizza Party

Today was pizza day , big pizza party day. The fan club got company, a whole family Portuguese friends, five hungry mouths in all. So had my work cut for me.

The day went as follows:

Wake Up
Make Dough
Go to Church
Prepare Toppings
Make Pizza
Eat Pizza

Get the picture? Regimented to say the least.  

We made about eight pizza pies.  We experimented Differents shapes and a variety of freshly prepared toppings. Toppings at my house are usually cooked items, just as sauteed peppers or a fresh tomato salad.

Today I had helpers in both the eating and pizza tossing department. It made a big difference, and definitely added to the fun and emotional reward.

Here is a  samplings of the day's work. Too bad we did not take pictures of the entire process.

Hawaiian Inspired Pizza
(upon request of the kids)

Sauteed Peppers Pizza

Meatloaf Pizza 
(another special request)

Yes, I did end up making a very quick , flavorful meatloaf as a replacement for meatballs.

Mixed Toppings Pizza 
Thank you  helper Peter

All in all, it was a great Sunday.  Wish I had  a few more guests. Next time, I'll call in the reinforcements from the high-school.

Have you done some pizza tossing today ?


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