Hungry Man's dinner - Fast food my way

My friend and I spent a lot of time today seriously talking about computers. That made us hungry. The buzz from the Starbucks coffee and buckets of Pakistani sweet tea had begun to wear off. Thus it was time to cook Lucky for us, the culinary juices also were able to flow.

Here's what I prepared in less than forty minutes.Single dudes, pay attention ! This is great date grub.

The trout was seared in EVOO. and seasoned primarily with fresh thyme. The baby onion bulbs were blanched, and then seasoned solely with EVOO while still warm. The potatoes were prepared in a skillet with lid. Extra find herbs were used as seasoning. A bit of water made sure that they steamed through. No butter this time.

Trout filet with warm baby onion bulbs and potato

We drank inexpensive, but good table wine from outside of Rome.



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