Sloooooow Cooking, my way

I rarely buy and cook chicken. It's just not one of my favorites. Today I made and exception. Not sure what inspired me, perhaps a series of BBQ specials on the food network.

This was a very simple recipe as you will see from the ingredients with explosive flavor. The secret here was the very very slow cooking. I think these babies cooked for more than three hours over very low heat.  A lid was used for most of the cooking time.  The lid ensured that the meat remained tender at all times and cooked by steam.  Just look at how the meat is falling off the bone.

Slow Cooked Chicken

The garlic in this dish caramelized, but did not go bitter as it was not allowed to burn.   No BBQ sauce needed here.

Add more fluids if necessary . This dish is not supposed to fry. Fluids are allowed to reduce completely in the final phase of cooking.


4 Chicken breasts with bone
Garlic 10 cloves , slightly crushed
2 cups of water
splash of white wine

Served with seasoned cucumber slices and crisp white wine.



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