Orzo Seafood Paella

The fan club was in the mood for some seafood today. I hesitated a bit. The past few trips to the market were not as satisfying. But the desire was there so I decided to head out to my local Wholefoods to see what was good. 

At the market both the scallops and little necks looked, and smelled fresh .So I decided on making a paella like dish, something full of intense flavors.

Seafood Orzo Paella with Chorizo Sausage

Orzo Paella - In Pan


3 links of Chorizo , cut into 4-5 pieces  ( D'Artagnan  )
2 dozen little neck claims
1 lb large scallops
1/2 lb medium sized shrimp
Yellow Bell Pepper , Sliced
1/2 cup of Grape Tomatoes cut in half
1 cob of fresh sweet corn

1/2 lb of Orzo Pasta
1 teaspoon Spanish Pimentón (Smoked Paprika)
Spanish Saffron
3 cloves garlic 

Orzo Paella - Plated
Preparation Notes
I won't go into the detail of making this dish , but will give you the key secret to perfecting it. Cook the scallops, shrimp and claims separately in  the vegetable and chorizo base, ensuring that they are NOT overcooked.  For clams this means remove from them from the heat just after they open up. For the scallops, remove then as soon as you sense they are cooked through.  If you wait , they will loose their internal juices and become rubbery. Same for the shrimp although they are little bit more  forgiving. Move the seafood to a large ceramic bowl and keep warm.. Then add the partially cooked orzo pasta your large pan and cook for a few more minutes. Recombine with the seafood and cook for 1 more minute. Garnish with some coarsely cut chives. Serve piping hot, top with small sprinkle of raw EVOO,

Run and get yourself a glass of crisp Albariño Folks this dish will drive you to seconds.



  1. Loved this recipe, Time to push it to the next level with a great paella pan such as this one https://www.coolonsale.com/piece/Sur-La-Table-Spanish-Paella-Pans-coskey-5fed-2297-6660u The 22 inch one would do the trick


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