Birthday Cooking with Fred Flintstone

July and August are usually slower cooking months for me. However, I do make exceptions for birthdays.  Here are some of the dishes that I made for my number two fan in occasion of her birthday.

Snow Peas and Currant Salad
Snow Peas and Currant Salad

Very simple to make. Blanche the Snow peas in salted water. Drain .  I used a currant marmalade white wine vinaigrette. Toss the peas with some currants, vinaigrette, and garnish with some intact clusters of currants.

Spinach Ravioli in Cream Pea Sauce
Spinach Ravioli in Cream Pea Sauce

Preparation Notes
Make a light roux. In a separate pan gently crisp up some then good country bacon, add some white wine
Add cream. Then add the roux. Toss in about one cup of frozen (or fresh depending on the season) baby green peas.

Toss with ravioli. I used cheese ,and spinach ricotta filled ones. For this dish , avoid raviolis with strong filling such as lobster or mushrooms as this will overpower the cream sauce.

Dish and garnish with a bit of Savory.

Warm Dino Kale Salad
Warm Dino Kale Salad and Boiling Onions

Dino Kale is great veggie but do not come across it often. I was lucky to find some at Whole Foods Market along with some very fresh looking boiling onions. small round mild onions that are great for boiling.

To make the dish . blanch the kale. Separately boil the boiling onions in a pot of salted water. Cook until very tender, but avoid disintegrating the bulbs. Then drain them and slightly cool.

Drain the Kale.  Then sautee' in EVOO  along with some S/P and 2 gloves of garlic. Plate surrounded by cooked, boiling onions. Drizzle the onions with some EVOO, and  top with a pinch of salt. Serve warm.

Wilma ! Dinner is ready !



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