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Saturday Dinner, Back to Normal?

Welcome back. You would think that after last Saturday dinner party, I'd tone things down a bit and stick  to simpler dishes. Well, in my book I did. So here's my back to normal. A private dinner party for the girls

Farfalloni al Salmone e Fagioli
This dish was all about delicate tastes. The salmon was light in taste and moist throughout. A combined scent of thyme both fresh and cooked, lightens up bean base, and was especially brought out by a small drizzle of uncooked extra virgin olive oil that I added to the finished pasta.

Great food is all about great ingredients. The pasta made this dish .

Cav / Guiseppe Cocca Artisan Pasta - Farfalloni
This brand of pasta continues to amaze me.  Just when I thought it would over cook, it instead stay as perfectly al dente as possible.  What a different brands make. And what a difference do the import make when it comes to pasta. Abbruzzi's wheat, the region where this pasta was born , is just do different, so resilient when it comes to cooking and heat.

Tarry Market

White Navy Beans - Stewing , Waiting for Salmon

Always, cook your beans from scratch starting with dry ones that need overnight soaking. After soaking, cook then first 3/4's of the way  through, then finish then off as your dish calls.. For today's pasta dish ,the beans were used as a based to cook salmon in.  Pretty simple. As you prepare the dish , remember to taste a few times to adjust your seasoning.

Cauliflower Cooked in  Smoked Bacon and Shallots
Today's dinner called for a special dine. I reached for a Basque Txomin Extaniz. It  was the perfect wine for tonight's dinner. It slight bubbly character, blended perfectly with the delicate flavors of both dishes.

Txomin Etxaniz, a Basque Wine
Tarry Wine Market , Port Chester , NY


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