Ever Wonder ?

Here he goes again . No posts since April, no new recipes, no photos, not even a tweet. Friends and fan club have noticed this second blogging sabbatical. and what many have labeled as a creative drought on my end. So before, I cause an episode of mass hysteria, I  thought I would respond with an explanation.

Well, folks, no I have not shut down my kitchen, and sent off  my island below surface to see good old King Neptune. Nope, the kitchen has been open, indeed at times with equal passion as you have seen in the past months.

My camera can prove it, but my writing can't . But for those with faith, today. for example, lunch  included a fast, but very exquisite meal, perfect for one of those Dog Day Afternoons;  here in New York Metro.

Starter:  Goat cheese , Summer Tomato , Rose' Wine, Egg White omelet
Main Course: Pan seared trout fillets in lemon caper butter
Salad:  Boston Lettuce with grilled zucchini, and white wine vinaigrette

A crisp, well chilled, Côtes de Provence Rose', wrapped things up..

So folk, nope I have not hung up my aprons (rarely wear them actually ).  I have just been busy cooking up a different kind of dish , one made of 0's and 1's as they say in my day job.

Hungry ? Well then check out my foodie previews on PicasaWeb I tend to post things  here before I get to write about them .

Stay tuned my friends.  It will be worth it.



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