Tale of Two Michaels

It was an exciting Sunday . After more than 6 months planning , I finally got my friend Slava and his entire clan to come over for a pasta making lesson . I love events like this where I can teach aspiring chefs, to cook up some good food.

Meet Little Michael. He was my apprentice for the day and passed with flying colors.

Litttle Michael In Action

Today's Menu 

Terra BlueChip
Assorted Focaccia (Tarry Market)
Fried Red Pepper Medley with Iberian Pimenton 
EVOO Marinated Roasted Jalapeno Peppers
Umbrian Pecorino Cheese
Sharp Auricchio Provolone
Prosecco Mionetto

Tagliatelle al Pomodoro

Braised Brazilian Carne Seca (Oregano and Garlic Sauce)
Sauted Artichokes Hearts
Roasted Lemon Potato Wedges

Tomato Cucumber Mozzarella Salad

Espresso Coffee
Italian Torrone

A few details about today's pasta. These tagliatelle were extra light and I did this by almost omitting any use of egg. Most recipes you will find include lots of eggs when making the dough . But,. as you know my dear Fans,  I am adverse to eggs. So I barely used 3 eggs for more than 3 1/2 pounds of flour.

For this pasta I use about 75% "00" (Doppio Zero" Italian flour with another 25% semolina flour.  That provided the extra gluten content to make a good.

We ran this batch of tagliatelle through the rollers with a setting that was ab bit t thinner than usual. This made them delicate , very fast to cook and lighter to the palette.

Finally , the tomato sauce  was also very simple, a mixture of crushed (Pomi'  brand) and fresh grape and  tomatoes that ripen in my kitchen over periods of 2-3 weeks.. The sauce was flavored with just 1 clove of garlic (not crushed) , and some fresh basil.

Tagliatelle  Spread (uncooked)

Little Michael; welcome to my island !

Tarry Market
Auricchio Provolone
Antico Mulino Caputo Farina 
Mionetto Prosecco 


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