Breaking Paella and Orecchiette Traditions - Forgiveness not Sought

Great little lesson in lesson in Pasta Recycling.  What do you do when  you have less than 1/2 lb of Farfalle and less than 1/2 lb of Orecchiette ? Well just cook them together .

Next question. And what do you do with fresh broccoli di rape that yould would like to sweeten up  abit . Well. Add some sugary baby sweet peas. Simple as that. And there you go, a very different twist on Orecchiette , vegetarian friendly.

Mixed Pasta with Peas and Broccoli di Rape 

For the fun of it . Another variation on a very tasty , tender seafood risotto like dish.  Two tricks here. Let the seafood cook very slowly. Then pack , a 3/4 of the way cooked arborio rice on top of the seafood - yes  I said on top - and let it absorb any of the remaining liquids. See , with risotto the rice and seafood are mixed. With dish, the rice and seafood are stratified.


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