A Creative exploration for Pesto Sauce

When you think pesto , typically Pesto alla Genovese comes to mind. The classic sauce that combines the great flavor and aroma of Italian basil and Pecorino Romano cheese.   But there are other recipes and base ingredients that can deliver great , flavorful dishes.  

Here is my take on Bucatini with a Broccoli di Rape and Walnut Cream pesto.  My wine recommendation.  A good Ross Dell'Etna red will do the trick.

Bucatini in  a Broccoli di Rape / Walnut Cream Pesto

Bucatini Pasta with Broccoli di Rape / Walnut Cream Pesto

Key ingredients 

Broccoli di Rape, blanched, then pureed in food processor

Walnuts,  coarsely ground food processor

Pecorino Romano 

Garlic , 1 clove, minced using food processor 

Hand crushed black pepper corns

Red Pepper chili flakes

White wine  , splash 


After food processing , cook pesto 1-2 minutes in pan. Then toss in bucatini, al dente. 

Salute !


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