Identity Crisis - Part Two

Recently I talked about baguettes "turning pizza". Today' Shitake Mushrooms take on the personas of Porcini. It all happened over a quick family lunch as I prepared the starter dish.

Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Combo

Large Shitake Mushrooms, Sliced
Large Oyster Mushrooms, cut into large petals.
1 Italian Porcini Boullion  Cube
Coarsely chopped thyme  1/2 teaspoon
White Wine, 1/2 cup
EVOO, S/P, Irish butter

Mushrooms never disappoint at my house. The island revered them this time.


The secret to this recipe is thefreshness of the mushrooms. The only place, I can find the desired quality these days is at the Boiano vegetable market in Little Italy on Arthur Avenue. Hands down, the freshness there beats Whole Foods, which was until recent, my gold standard when it came to purveyors of fresh ingredients. I guess I could try to beat the market, but I would have to make a 3 hour drive to mushroom caves of Lancaster county , Pennsylvania, where these goodies are grown.

The preparation for this dish is quite simple, and virtually identical for each of the types of mushrooms.. Sautee the sliced Shitakes mushrooms in EVOO, S/P , White Wine and melted Porcini bouillion. The bouillon is the secret ingredient. Do the same for they Oysters mushrooms, but skip the cube, and add the thyme.

Plate separately so that your guests can contrast the two flavors, Serve with a crisp white wine.
My Garden Basket Freshness

Folks, I think it's time to call in the shrinks: my Shitakes keep thinking they are Porcini.

Salute !


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