St. Patricks Tradition; Calabrese style

A few episodes ago I spoke about breaking with tradition. Here's a dish that does just that during this happy time of St. Patrick's week

Carnaroli Rice with stew cabbage


3/4 lb, Carnaroli Rice (the rice typically used in risottos)
1 medium head of Green Cabbage  ,
Parmigiano Reggiano, grated
EVOO, S/P, Irish Butter , Chili flakes
Red hot chili for garnish and more

The fan club, thought this sounded strange until they tasted it . From there on. it was a just 'stop eating, you've had enough !' 

Here's the quick version - you are all experts now. 

Cook down the cabbage by first blanching, followed by a low heat sautee in a high edged skillet. Boil the rice as if you were cooking pasta,. prepared  'al dente'. Before draining reserve about 1-1/2 cups of the starchy rice water, Toss both ingredients together cook. Add some of the rice water to increase creaminess. Top with  grated cheese and chili pepper garnish.

Consider serving with a crisp Southern Italian white wine wine such as a Fiano or Falanghina.. I used an insular Vermentino from Sardinia and it complemented the dish perfectly.

I suppose, us Calabresi are quite compatible with our friends from Eire.

Slainte! Salute ! 


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