Going Green Again : More Culinary Recycling

A few days ago I had made a Baccala' (salt cod dish) and I blew it. Yes, you heard. The dish was not edible almost ready for the big, red bucket.  The problem was that I had not given the codfish enough time to soak , and as a result, it was still on the salty side. My recipe was actually quite good, but the excess salt in the dish made it hard to enjoy. I knew though that I could find a use for the protein. It just had to wait for until the next time I had some cooking time on my hands.

I came up with this dish based on a long time crab cake inspiration.

Salted Cod Cakes

Cooked Salted Cod fish (baccala'). coarsely shredded
Unseasoned Bread Crumbs
Potatoes, cubed and blanched
Splash of White Wine
Lemon Slices

Salted Cod Cakes

The secret to this dish , and the key to "desalinization" was the addition of blanched potatoes which acted as a rebalancing agent for the cod base.  It worked, I did not doubt it for a moment.

I like to my crab cakes and cod cakes well done. A sprinkle of fresh lemon juice brings them up to ecstasy level. The potatoes inside remain moist, so  please , do not think of these as hockey pucks.

Senor Crab . You've been dethroned.



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