Whole Foods Does it again: Seafood Wednesday

I might start sounding like a walking , talking , blogging advertisement for Whole Foods Market. But I like the place. Their ingredients are of very good quality, and allow me to quickly put together some dishes that friends and family get to enjoy.

This Wednesday gets to thank the fish monger at my local Whole Foods for some good , swordfish steaks that I used to make a very delicious seafood dish.

Swordfish and Scallops in Fennel and Pickled Okra Sauce 

1 1/2 lb Swordfish
1 lb of medium sized scallops
Pickled Okra
1 Fennel bulb
Splash of white wine


Swordfish steaks with Fennel , Pickled Okra Sauce

The dish starts with a pan full of sliced fennel (remove the core) and a handful of coarsely julienned pickled okra.. The secret to this dish is that the seafood needs to cook in its own broth and the vegetable juices over low heat , covered with a lid. The Scallops are added toward the mid point of cooking time.

Served over a Saffron Oyster Mushroom Risotto bed, this seafood dish becomes something extraordinary. I won't document the risotto here, but you can make it by adding sliced Oyster Mushrooms to a Saffron risotto base.

Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti day ? I don't think so !

Salute !


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