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More Fire Breathing Dragons...

Home alone, and hungry, lunch time seemed to creep up on me very quickly today. I was in the mood for something real good, healthy and yes, spicy. Time to play with the dragons again.

I knew I had the last batch of black Sicilian chickpeas that I had cooked up a few days ago.  A quick glance through my backup pantry. Yes, I maintain one of those too, that's where some of the more secret ingredients hide, And there was a package of artisanal spelt tagliatelle.Spelt, is a wonderful grain, related to modern wheat, it is very popular in Toscan cooking as well as the middle east. Somewhere I learned that our not do distant Mesopotamian cousins who cultivated rich alluvial fields some 3000-4000 years ago, feasted on this grain.  Today , I'll pay homage to them with a small feast of my own.

Spelt Tagliatelle with  Extra Spicy Black Chick Peas.

Spelt Tagliatelle with Spicy Black Chickpeas

The sauce consisted of black chickpeas, reduced in the their cooking broth. with the addition of EVOO, and 2 Mexican hot peppers, 2 Italian hot peppers.  The Mexican peppers, were particularly aromatic , and added a very nice crunch to the dish, as they were barely cooked. Toss the sauce, over the tagliatelle, kept al dente. It is harder to overcook pasta made from spelt four, but do pay attention. It will know if you stray .A glass of Chardonnay finished the job.

Oh, by the way , did you realize it was only Tuesday , during a work week? Jealous yet ? Don't be ,  I'll cook for you and friends if you ask.



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