Remedy for Florida Travels

I am not sure why, but every time I travel for business , my sinuses act up on me. The inconvenience and frustration is even greater given that my business trips tend to end on Fridays and my respiratory afflictions bloom on Saturday . What a way to spend a weekend of cool down and rest: sick at home ! Folding and unfolding soggy handkerchiefs,  sneezing away whale sized blasts that seem to make the walls tremble, struggling teary-eyed to make out characters on my laptop screen , these are the pastimes and rewards that the modern plane traveler looks forward to upon his arrival back to home oasis.  Aaaa... Aaa Choo,what else can I say ?

Luckily, however, things are not that bad here at  "Chez Michele"" for I did manage to find some energy in me to cook up some lentils, a perfect dish for a cold winter days - its about 27 F outside.  

Winter Lentils over Yellow Yukon Potatoes and Cremini Mushroom,
Garnish of Andouille Sausages and Mexican Farmer's Cheese 
Winter Lentils with Andouille Sausages

This is a composite dish. Each of the four ingredients were cooked separately  Dry Lentils were stewed with savory (an herb) and uncut garlic cloves for about 40 -50 minutes,   Mushrooms were sauteed with white wine , garlic and herbs,  Yukon yellow potatoes were slow cooked, thickly sliced, with fresh herbs, a 1/2 cup of chicken stock and seasoning. The Andouille sausage, was browned on its own. The dish comes together by creating a base of potatoes, topped with tasty lentils, garnished with mushrooms, sausages and  fresh farmers cheese cut into small cubes. A drizzle of fresh EVOO,  enriches the entire experience . Hey guess what, this dish rocked, and yes, not  even an speck of butter was used this time

Perfect Dish that begged for some White Rioja.  

I am starting to feel better already .



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