From Pan to Plate in less than 40 minutes

Today was another one of those days. Back to work from a "stay-cation" , time off that I used to fight off a sinus ailment, it was one of those days when you work nonstop but not on the things you really planned on getting done.  Remedy ? Cook a nice meal for the Queen .

So here is an great dish , fast enough to make, yet complex in flavors .

Braised Salmon Shashito Oil 
Braised Salmon Shashito Oil and Heart of Palm

Preparation Notes: 
Fry your Shashito Peppers in EVOO, remove from pan , reserve the oil.  Use the oil to lightly sautee some thick heart of palm slices and yellow bell peppers along with a some herbs, and a splash of white wine.

Whit this kind of speed I am feel that an audition on Chopped is in order. Won't happen though. They only accept professionals, not dilettants like me.

Salute !


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