Culinary Recycling: Going Green on Friday Night

I wanted to be green today in two ways. Have my daily dose of vegetables., and do something for the environment. Well , remember those Broccoli that I cooked on April 18?. They were still sitting my my fridge so I decided to use them creatively.

Culinary recycling was the theme today. Indeed a double dose. That third of a loaf of Olive Bread from Arthur avenue? Well it made its way into the dish as well.

Cassata di Broccoli di rape
The term  usually indicates a rich stuffed cheesecake made in Sicily.  Well. I decided to call this kind of frittata a "Cassata" given that it is filled.  The nice thing about this dish , is that the bread slices are inside the dish. Less work. Great taste.

Egg Whites
Stale Italian Olive Bread
Chili Peppers

Saving  the planet .one dish at a time.


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