Spring Cleaning, Spring Cooking

It is another lazy Saturday afternoon. At least it was for me. The fan club was busy with waves and waves of spring cleaning. I on the other hand was just reading a good research paper. So I had to reward them and decided to whip a few goodies up as an afternoon snack.  Here's what I came up with . Sorry, no pasta today.

Wild garden Argula salad with cubed pineapple and halloumi cheese 

I was very surprised to see that argula had started growing in my vegetable garden without me planting it yet. Seeds from last year's patch , survived the winter and germinated into a nice surprise. So I gave the argula a good hair cut and tossed them right into a mixing bowl.

Argula and Cubed Pipeapple and Halloumi Cheese

You can make this salad with a any kind of mild vinagrette. You can replace the halloumi , a Cypriot cheese, with herbed mozzarella .

Slow Simmered Peppery Papas Cirollas

This dish was directly inspired by my friends at Bogota' Bistro in Brooklyn. I was able to find these Andean imports at South American supermarket in Port Chester, NY.

Peppery Papas Cirollas

The potatoes , almost seem glazed but they were not. The seemed to literally reflect the olive oil they cooked into.  This dish was the biggest hit. No leftovers for the next day. For this dish, cook the peppers first, reatin the olive oil . Then cook the potatoes using the leftover oil. .They should simmer in little bit of water , in a covered pan.

Can you find the connection between these two dishes ?


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