Easter 2010 - Christians be Merry!

No recipes today, just a recap of what was shared during this year's holiday. Ingredients used for these dishes came from many different stores , including some of my favorite spots on Arthur avenue

White Riojas
Petite Syrah

Rositi Wild Mushrooms, imported from Calabria
Pickled Eggplant in Olive Oil, imported from Italy
Goat Cheese from Portugal
CastleVetrano Green Olives , imported from Italy
Boquerones en vinagre (white anchovies in vinegar), imported from Spain

Folks, anchovies such as these are as good as they get. Not fishy, no resemblance to salted stuff used by unscrupulous pizza joints.

Main Course
Asigo Ravioli with prosciutto and pea cream sauce

Secondi e Contorni
Braised Short Rib in Shiraz/Cabernet Wine Sauce
Baked  Zucchine sfuffed with bulgar wheat, capers, smoked gouda , and sauteed vegetables
Roasted Baby Italian Eggplant

I opted against lamb this year so that I could get some flight time on my big red Le Creuset dutch oven 

I made my creative juices flow here. With a very nutty taste, these veggies sure beat out steaming.

Eggplants made my island  blossom this year.

Dolci e Digestivi
Colomba al Cioccolato - cake
Chocolate covered cheescake

Sorry if I made you hungry, or envious. I'll pray for both me and you.

Salute and God bless !


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