Colors , Colors and More Colors

I was in a chromatic kind of mood today. Food seduces in many was. Aroma, texture, sound (think of  the pleasure of  the crunch when eating a good honey crisp apple, or for that matter your favorite potato chip) and visual appeal are all part of the culinary experience.  Color provides hints as to freshness, quality, care, the love with dish was prepared.

Personally, if the visuals aren't appealing, the food just won't pass. Where else does this logic apply ?

Baccalau Backs with Potatoes , Peppers and Capers

This dish was slow cooked using a high pan with lid.  I tried to match the size of the vegetables to the size of the fish flesh. No water was added.  Not sure who thank for this one. Portuguese ? Italians ? Neapolitans ? All of the above ? Maybe.


1 lb of Salted Cod Fish - pre-soaked
Red Peppes
1 cup white wine
Garlic , EVOO, S/P

Black Beans with Smoked Jambon and Mexican Frying cheese

Another simple dish , great for parties.


Black beans (if canned beans, please rinse)
Yellow and Red Bell Peppers
Cubes of Mexican Frying cheese
Jambon Royale, coarsely shredded (smoked ham or mild bacon)
Garlic, EVOO, S/P
Some fluid (water or stock) if needed (no more than 1/2 cup)

Start with beans, peppers, oil and condiments. Cook on low heat for a few minutes  (5 -10 max)
Add Jambon and cheese and cook for another few minutes (5 max)
Add fluids if  needed so that beans do not break up and release too much of their starch

 Shrimp in Cilantro Sauce

This shrimp dish is fast and very tasty . Toss shrimp in pan with a handful of grape tomatoes, crushed garlic, EVOO, S/P, (optional white wine). At the end , throw in lots of fresh cilantro. That will let the aromas explode.

 And the spread

The meal also included a plate of bulgar wheat, fluffed up with some EVOO - Extra virgin Olive Oil -  and yes, a good bottle of Red Truck wine, a favorite of mine. The fan club really approved of this one.

More colors to come. Salute!


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