Giants in my Kithchen

The fan club had gone out shopping for hours. All that work had made them very hungry. And indeed I got a somewhat frantic call.  "Amore, we are hungry.", they said.   "We are hungry" , ouch , all three or four of them.  For a moment, I had lost count. We all know that women like to shop in packs. But how did we go from my usual two to four hungry bodies?

So I knew I had to work to do on a nice Sunday dinner. I had to work fast, and it had to be good. Being myself, I felt no need to panic. Yesterday I had made a quick run to my beloved Arthur Avenue Market and my pantry and fridge were well stocked. Fresh seafood, veggies, herbs and an some really exciting pasta. Here's what I was able to make.

Sunday Menu 
Antipasto of mixed cheeses
Lumaconi al Pomodoro Secco
Baked Basil Lemon Trout
Roasted Eggplant

Lumaconi al pomodoro
Italian-Americans love stuffed shells. Too much work when cooking a pinch.  This is a quick way to create a very tasty dish.  Serve piping hot as shown in the picture. Top with ricotta salata cubes for extra flavor.   The sauce here was a mixture of chopped Pomi'  brand (surprisingly good stuff and easy to find) and sun dried tomatoes. The sun-drieds added extra sweetness to the sauce.  Don't they look like giants ?

Basil Lemon Trout
I made a light pesto, thinned down with some lemon juice. I used the pesto  coat the butterflied trout. The pingnoli nuts were added after cooking. Yummy

Roasted Eggplant
These are extremely easy to make. Wash , split, drizzle with EVOO , S/P and bake at 375 until golden as shown in the picture.   Serve as side dish.

The fan club approved. I could get back to my computer work for a few hours.

Salute !


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