Prosecco Picnic Royale

Getting home a bit earlier today than my usual 8:00 pm, put me in a mood for something different. Why not a quick picnic, at Tod's Point (aka Greenwich Point Park), in Greenwich CT ?  Fifteen minutes of preparation time, and here's what we got to enjoy.

Picnic Menu
Italian Prosecco  - Zardetto
Bagel Breads - (Brooklyn Breads , Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NY)
Calabrian Wild Mushrooms - in EVOO  (Cosmo and Alex Pisano , Mamaroneck NY)
Multi-Grain Bread (origin: Tarry Market , Port Chester NY)
Aged Beemster - XO from Holland  (Tarry Market, Port Chester, NY)
Aged NY Extra Sharp Cheddar
Fresh Tomato Salad.

What made this special, besides the sexy stormy atmosphere on the horizon, were the uncommon bagel breads that I picked up in Brooklyn earlier in the day , and the fresh tomatoes that my garden yielded.

Stormy Sunset

Wink Wink, happy to report that the Queen  was delighted by my surprise!

Bon Appétit


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