Thinking Barcelona, Thinking Catalan

Barcelona was on my mind since  yesterday when,  while grocery shopping,  I came across some some really looking and handsome cod fillets. Seemed like some good stuff, straight out of the Atlantic.  I immediately decided to buy about two pounds worth. Why  ? Because , the best way to cook , is to let the markets drive, not the recipe books. The fishmonger was happy , I was happy .  I  knew what was for lunch/dinner tomorrow.  And to think that the fan club would  really like this one, a dish I had not cooked up before, well that brought a big smile to my face too.

The preparation for this dish did take some time as it is multi-step but if you are looking to impress guests with a great summer dish that is light , yet bursting with flavors, this one is for you . Can be prepared a day in advance ( I would not however...)

Catalan Inspired Cod Salad 

Cod Salad - Catalan Style

2 lbs fresh Cod Filet  (do not confuse with dry salted cod)
2 Roasted Red Bell peppers, cut into strips 
1 yellow bell pepper , cubed
1 medium red onion, sliced into small pieces 
1 large celery root (celeriac) , diced into small cubes
1 cup of grape tomatoes, cut into halves
2 Lemons, juiced
3-4 tablespoons capers
EVOO - Lot of it
Sherry Vinegar - 
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Cilantro
1 Hot Green chili, chopped into thin slices


On trick I used for this was to work with frozen fillets.  When I got home from the store, I immediately packaged them in some freezer paper , one fillet per package. I made sure that each was nice and flat so that when I opened the packages,  the would not stick to the paper. When ready to make the dish , remove the frozen cod (no more than 2 days later than purchase date).

Cut it into  6  to 8 ounce pieces using a serrated knife.
Pouch the still fronze cod fillet pieces , without overcooking. The cod should remain "al dente" . For flavor, salt your water a bit on the heavier side. You will use less salt later.   Cool the pieces down without letting them break into pieces. If you did not over cook the fish, they should have remained firm.

After the cod is chilled combine all ingredients , in  a mixing bowl. The cod fish should be shredded into large chunks as shown in the photo.  Season  with S/P and adjust the amount of EVOO if needed. Half of the flavor comes from this key Mediterranean ingredient. So don't be cheap on me here , pleasseeee!

Readers, my friends, this dish had a name in Barcelona. Dig it up  for me, and I might reward you with a special treat.


  1. could it be ensalada de atun fresco or ensalada de bonito fresco? seems like that is what it is.. will try


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