Come fly with me...

Oh good Ol' Sinatra, he just keeps on ticking, and keeps on inspiring.  I am not talking here about the impact he has had on musical talent across the globe. Instead, I am just giving him and his music some credit for, pure speculation on my part, the countless times he has inspired folks besides or in front of the kitchen burners. That's is what happened to my on this Sunday.

So ready to sing along before we cook?
Come on fly with me, let's fly, let's fly
Pack up your bags and let's get out of here
Come on let's fly away
I do not fully recall when the 2002 film Come Fly Me With Me starring Di Caprio and Hanks aired. I do know that the homonymous song was buzzing around in my head when I decided to cook with Farfalle pasta, little butterflies in Italian. Farallel , are , as we all know,  winged creatures that effortlessly soar and glide around, at times stealing kisses from unsuspecting  colorful petals and pistils. I got some of those from the fan club, but that was the after dinner success.

Farfalle al Salmone e Arugula
Farfalle al Salmon ed Argula

3 medium sized yellow zucchine
1 1/2 lb Fresh Salmon
Parmigiano Reggiano
1 /2 fresh Argula
2 gloves of garlic , thick slices
1 lb of Faralle Pasta

Preparation Notes
Clean the zucchini, and cut into quarters longitudinally.  Remove the inner part which contains the seeds, Then cut it medium sized dice. Toss into a pan with high ridges along with some EVOO, and sliced garlic.  Cook the squash for a few mi

Wash , Clean and dry your Salmon meat. Cut into 1 1/2 inch wide slices. Toss into pan. Cover with a lid so that some steam can form. Cook for a few minutes until the salmon turns pick., Turn off the burner. Add some grated Parmigiano, about  3-5 tablespoons worth.

In parallel, add the pasta to boiling and salted water. Cook the pasta , reserve some starch water (about 1/2 cup) so that you can add to the salmon sauce

Gently toss the Salmon sauce with the cooked pasta. Add a few tablespoons of starch water, Then top with the arugula which had been cut into large pieces.

Serve piping hot or you will blow this dish ! Cold seafood pasta won't  work for any palate.

Ok, now you can watch some some good old Frankie.

Salute !

Credits disclosure: The Lyrics  were created by  Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn in 1957. The full song lyrics can be found at Elyrics World Frank Sintra just pushed the song to new heights.  Many others, including Michael Buble' have done a great jobs too. 


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