Recycling for Snacks

I like coming up with quick dishes to add to my repertoire, dishes that can be made in a jiffy, and provide some nice versatility when friends come over. I also like to play with themes that cross national borders and combine ingredients or techniques from different traditions. Some call that fusion cuisine, I just call it cooking something that is not boring.

Here's something that brings together the Italian in me with some Central American ingredients.

Mexican Frying Cheese al Pomodoro
Mexican Frying Cheese al Pomodoro

I often pick up some Mexican frying cheese. It is a relatively mild cheese that does not melt when tossed in a pan with some oil. It tends to form a very tasteful crust that is nothing but a treat. Cypriot halloumi cheese also works, but it tends to be much saltier and is less apt to shaping. With the Miexican cheese which is sold in larger blocks, you can easily cut into various shapes, hey even clown facees.

For today's evening snack, and what turned out to become dinner, I cut the frying cheese into thick slices and threw it into a pan with some EVOO. Once crisped up, I added some left tomato sauce, which had been seasoned only with oregano. I continued the frying process until the sauce reduced a bit further, and made sure that the cheese had not lost its crispy shell. That would have killed the experience. 

Now doesn't that sound good? Place a slice atop a grilled slice of multigrain bread, and you've got yourself a delightful , quick and dirty snack.

Oh, almost forgot. A crisp, chilled Dos Equis, took care of the thirst factor.  One more dish for the cook book.



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