Finding Roots: Spaniards, Ancient Greeks and My Own Kind

Sometimes I get very excited about my roots. I suspect that a part of me radicated from some noble clan from old Spain; I suspect too that, going in back even further to some earlier time , that another part of me, can claim blood from ancient colonial Greeks, who occupied the South of Italy; and of course, I know, not that much suspect, that the most recent part of me, is as Italian as you can get, off the boat, stuck in a cultural purgatory, with roots in two continents,  stuck in a time warp of traditions, old and new.

All this contrast, friction and excitement pushed me around,  a set of forces that just told me: "cook it away , dancing Chef , cook it away ". And so I did .The result, a set a creations that thanks all in equal parts, well almost: I do recognize that some pork is missing: that's a different topic all together.

So here you are my friends, here are  two interesting dishes, elaborate in their own way , elaborate in their emotional and mental genesis, tasty , bold, and yet authentic with a touch of modern.

Papparde with Black Chickpeas, Calamari Rings, Topped with Sauteed Frisee

Braised Octupus with Purple Dandelions in Lemon Wine Sauce 

Braised Octopus Lemon Wine Sauce

Do you know where your roots are ?

Salute !


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