Warming Up The Coldest of Nights

What better way to warm up an entire family on the coldest of nights, than with a bowl of vegetarian pastina, a broth-based delight, a lite and fast soup, born in a time and a place very different than the fast and fancy world we live in today, a pauper's broth that only soothes and enriches the soul, one slow spoonful at a time ?

Here's a dish born out of love , so worth passing on from aunts to nephews.

Pastina alla Zia Vittoria 

Warm night of peace, my wish to all of you .


1 small yellow squash , diced
2 small potatoes , diced
1 cup of  anici di pepe  pastina
1/2 cup  grape tomotoes
Italian Parsely
1/2 cup of cooked white beans , the small kind

EVOO  and Salt

Serve warn, topped with fresh , raw EVOO, and small cubes of Crotonese cheese cubes.

Preparation Tips 
Bring your 1 1/2 quarts of water to a boil , add veggies, cook for 3 minutes, add pastina, EVOO , salt.  Add pastina, cook until potatoes tender and pastina is al dente.


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