Noah's Pudding , Symbol of Togetherness and Friendship

It's only January and Pink Party Nostalgia is already in the air, a party that brings together a United Nations of cultures and food, a gathering  often held on , luck has it ,  stormy , wintry evenings somewhere in Central New Jersey.  It's a time of expanded fun, a gathering where Turkish meets Italian , and Chinese meets Braziilan  and food meets song meets dance.

So yesterday when I saw the Facebook post that the hosts Miriam and Erbil had shared of a beautiful festive dish , my anxiety about the Party was not just  a hunch , it was fully warranted, as if I had a sixth sense predicting what I was about to come across.

So , I reacted, A quick note out to Miriam about sharing this wonderful dessert dish with my readers, and , et voila, permission granted, picture and story, all in my in box within minutes.

Ashure , Noah's Pudding

It turns out that Ashure, a pudding made grains, fresh and nuts, topped with vivid and crispy pomegranate seeds, and shredded coconut,  a true Turkish delight, has a very interesting story . We are told, from that great authoritative source in the cloud that is Wikipedia:

In anecdotal history, it is claimed that when Noah's Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat, Masis sar in northeastern modern-day Turkey, Noah's family celebrated with a special dish. Since their supplies were nearly exhausted, what was left (primarily grains, dried fruits and the like) was cooked together to form a pudding, what is now call Ashure.

What wonderful fact. Can you imagine! Noah , a common ancestor , respected across many cultures and religions and the legend of Mount Ararat, all coming together in a traditional dish.  The case for a new dessert, needs no more. It's now added to my recipe box, and yes, special thanks to my good friends Miriam and Erbil.

Salute !



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