Thanksgiving: The left over story

Thanksgiving for some is all about the leftover. As you might know, I am generally not big on leftovers.We kicked things up a bit by ordering a few excellent dish from the one of the best Szechuan place I have ever been too. I will need help from my friends in pointing out the name of the place.

Can you find the leftovers here and which are ordered items ?

Julienned Crispy Potato Salad

What a The Big Surprise , what a discovery. Potatoes will never taste the same after sampling this dish.

String Beans with Bread Crumb sauce

Turkey Sandwiches

Out of the way Cuban sandwiches!  These babies have my secret ingredient

Fennel salad

A simple idea, but very tasty. I added a small hit of sesame oil to line this up with the other Asian flavors.

And of course, the Spread

The Spread

Do not forget to look out for the Dan Dan noodles and the Fiery Szechuan beef . 70 percent heat, 39  percent  beef, 150 percent flavor !

Friends, until next year.


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