Vamos a tapear un poco

Here a just a hint of what you could eat when in Barcelona.   Jamon rules, squid dishes amaze. Seafood never fails to entice.

Friends, enjoy and remember to click on the pictures.

Jamon Iberico
For the record, this did beat out both San Daniele and Prosciutto di Parma in my book.


Calamares a la Romana

Gambas a la Plancha
I tasted the Mediterranean in these. There ain't nothing like the real thing !

Sépions à la Plancha.
Perfectly executed dish . Tender and Savory

Anchoas del Cantábrico
These were the sweetest and mildest anchovie filets that I have ever tasted. I give them the pole position until I can compare to those of Southern Sicily.

Mushroom and Asparagus
When I saw and tasted these, I thought somebody stole my recipe.

Piquillo amb brandada de bacallà
An all time favorite tapa.  Small peppers filled with cod fish .

 Pa amb tomàquet

A staple. Toasted bread rubbed with fresh tomato. A Catalan version of bruschetta.

Folks : What an inspiration! Salud !


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