Pasta Dish for Bachlors and other speed daters

Often I think of friends that live in NYC, single friends. They tell me about how the often live off of take out food, some times, stale take out foods. Here's a very healthy dish that can be made in a blink of an eye and will taste good too.

Pasta e Broccoli alla Catanzarese 

Penne Pasta, al dente
Broccoli spears
Salt, EVOO
Pepper , optional

Simple Pasta and Broccoli

Nothing complex in terms of preparation. Add broccoli spears to the boiling water with pasta , 3 minutes before the pasta is ready to drain.   Drain. Toss with EVOO,   Tastes great with Pecorino cheese. When you make this dish , you might want to follow these proportions: 2/3 broccoli , 1/3 pasta. This will keep the calories even lower. I add chili oil , to fire it up a bit more.

Do not forget to serve piping hot  Can you see the steam above ?

Cheers and good luck guys !


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