Pink Party 2011

My good Turkish friends Erbil and Miriam each year throw an all in one  Valentines day - Birthday - Anniversary party. It's always a lot of fun. This year's party particularly was special. My friends have recently moved back to the US after a 3 year return  to their Mediterranean heritage. As a result, this year's party brought back their lively tradition back to the United States.

The party turned out to be something to remember.  The Music was international, it was loud and it played  using an iPad Turntable application. Check it out here

So we covered people, music . Whats missing ? Good food of course.  Here's what we whipped up together.   Warning folks, slight vegetarian bias present here.

Party Menu 

Hummus platter
Babaganoush platter
Warm Pita Bread Triangles
Turkish Chicken Rolls
Turkish Meatballs
Turkish bean salad
Turkish  Squash Pie
Butternut Squash and Peppers
Warm Pepper Salad
Shrimp with herbs

I prepared the  last three items, and pleased to say that I ate all the rest.

Chicken Rolls
These tasty Phillo dough cigars  seemed Greek inspired, but they were definitely Turkish at heart. Baked for easier and faster preparation.

Warm Pepper Salad

I was told that these were even better the day after. Cilantro was the secret ingredient. French feta cheese was used as topping.

Turkish Bean Salad

These beans were very different. Texture added substantially to the dish. The garnish was curly parsley. Are you a fan ?

Shrimp with herbs

Cooked in  pot with some white wine and herbs, these babies did not disappoint. They went fast. Peel and eat. That's all there is to it.

Turish Meatballs

This was my favorite dish. Husband and wife collaborated on this . Miram mixed meatball meat. Cumin was definitely a key flavor. Erbil did the BBQing. Yes folks, these were not fried. They were grilled on the family BBQ. It was funny to see the path that had to be dug out of the snow to get access. Wonder what is was like to stand outside for an hour or so grilling away. Hats off to the grilling chef. Must have been cold out there.

Butternut Squash Sautee

You have seen this dish of mine. It works wonders for parties. I enhanced it with toasted bread this time.

Squash Pie

Not sure what the recipe was here. but it was great. Hoping for comments to fill in this memory gap.

Until next year.

Salute !  Serefe !


  1. The butternut squash dish was so yummy that I brought some home with me!!

  2. The 'Turkish Squash Pie' actually is meant to be the healthier - baked - version of Fried Turkish Zucchini Patties. Mix shredded green zucchini with lots of fresh herbs (namely dill, mint, and parsley) with scallions, onions, S/P, lot's of eggs to fluff up mixture with some flour (rolled oatmeal instead of flour is my favorite). You can add feta cheese as well. Fry in generous olive olive or bake. I prefer to eat them (of course fried) cold with thick plain yogurt. Miriam


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