Sliding with Sliders: Emergency Meal

You've probably noticed that many of my dishes are either seafood or vegetarian in nature. Well I break with this tradition here. The truth is that , while I am not a huge fan of meat, if I see a good or interesting cut, it will sometimes end up in my shopping cart.

Walking the aisles earlier today , I came across some very fresh looking, small trays of ground meat, already modeled into well-formed slider sized burgers. That inspired me. I knew  the fan club had to eat, and knew that there were extra mouths to feed as well.

Dinner therefore became:

Mini burgers, topped with white cheddar 
Pickled Okra, Tomato salsa
Mesclun salad with white balsamic vinaigrette 

Slider Plate

Tomato Okra Salsa

Washed a few of these down with a nice Belgian beer.

Good eats, my friends.


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