Gone in 30 Minutes

Today, despite feeling under the weather, I was very happy to cook.  The past work week, seemed like forced labor, culminating with over twenty four hours of rapid-fire weekend technical writing , and a early Monday morning team conference call kicking off around 6:00 AM.   Yes, work interfered with my cooking schedule last week , and , as you might have noticed, new posts were far and few in between. I was not a happy camper.

So today to recalibrate both gray matter and soul, I wanted to surprise the fan club with some tasties, and do this on a weekday night.

It turned out they ended up surprising me. With their appetites that is. So hungry they were, that I , by the time I made it back downstairs with my camera to snap a few pictures of the ravioli that I had carefully plated,  they were all gone. I mean cleaned out, finito, polished away as in a vintage Campbell's hungry man soup commercial. .  So now, rather than pictures to record the meal for posterity, all I have left if the a few of their memorable quotes as they growlingly fought for scraps.

Here's what the scene sounded like around my lovable island.
"Três Pra Você, Quatro pra mim"
    ("three for you, four for me")

 [insert grunting sounds here]

"Mas eu sou maior !"
(but I am bigger than you !")

  [insert plate scraping sound here]

"Ela ta' pegando tudo!"
(she is eating it all !")
[insert physical battle sounds here]
 Entertaining. Exhilerating. Amusing, and all because of a well accepted meal. Wow,  just imagine if these two chicks were six foot five instead of five foot six  and several hundred points heavier ? We'd have to remodel the house.

Tuesday Dinner Menu

Starter: Pão de queijo  (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

Spinach Ravioli with light Tomato and Cob Smoked Bacon Cream Sauce
Spicy Sweet Potato and New Potato Ciambotta 

Folks would you jello fight over this too ?

Alla prossima


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