MasterChef Here I come. Next year :-(

I spent countless hours last Friday shopping , cooking , perfecting, and rehearsing, and then barely sleeping three hours for today's MasterChef season 3 casting call in NYC . I should also probably add - freezing one bottoms off by standing in line in windy NYC outdoor atrium for 7 hours with several hundred more hopefuls

The result: come back next year and maybe a little hope for a miracle call. [insert small sigh here].

Folks, regardless, It was a great experience. The adrenaline was at all time highs and just loved pushing myself so hard, creatively and physically.

Roasted Pepper Trio with Matching Sauces
 Here's the menu I worked with .

Roasted Pepper Trio with Matching Sauces

As I described it to the food judge,  I wanted to play with contrasts here. Colors both in food and in presentation, flavors. A real roller coaster of tastes.

Red Peppers:
 Filling: Hand cut Pork Belly and Cranberries,
 Sauce:   Roasted Peppadew Harissa Sauce

  Filling: Bulgur Wheat, Sweet Red Onion Sauce and Halloumi Cheese
  Sauce: “Salsa Piccante”, with mild creole twist

   Filling: Swordfish and Italian Eggplant Saute
   Sauce: Simple Lime Vinaigrette 

Palate Cleansing Salad:
Sunchoke and Jicama Salad in Mandarine Vinaigrette,
topped with rum infused sweet cranberries

The salad was my favorite. Maybe because it was the quickest to make, and most appetizing after so much work.

En Garde !

P.S. Almost forgot , "Yo Bubs" , my little sis, I could not have done it without you .


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