My 3 days of Christmas - Day 3 Christmas Day

So here we are on day three of our three days of Christmas. It felt funny when I woke up , rather late this morning.  My mind was totally focused on today's project. I know this feeling of intense concentration. What was strange however was that that the project had nothing to do with my day job in information technology, but rather about yet another day of calibrated cooking.  I must be wired for this sort of thing.

I decide to go broad on the appetizers this year. Indeed , I even added a pre-appetizer starter that would warm up tummies and hearts. It did exactly this.

Escarole with Beans and Shrimp
My flavor enchancing trick for this strater was too cook items separately . First lightly blanched the escarole was sauteed with garlic. Removed from pan, but left the garlic. Tossed in shrimp , cooked half way trough. Tossed in the pre-cooked , "al-dente" small white beans , and then  tossed in the the escarole. Cooked for a few minutes , ensuring that the vegetable remained of vibrant green color.

Christmas Day  Menu 

Antipasto Speciale  (Special Starter Dish)
Sauteed Escarole with white beans and Shrimp

Cheese Platter - Spicy Provolone , Beemster, and Columbian Farmers Cheese
Homemade pickled green tomatoes  (provenance: my backyard)
Giardiniera Salad in EVOO
Funghi sott'olio - Imported marinated wild mushrooms (provenance: Cosmo Alex, Pisano Bros )
Marinated Peppadews in EVOO and Thyme 
Spanish Chorizo
Boquerones en Vinagre (Tarry Market)

Marinated Starter Combination

Rigatoni al Forno e polpettine

Pineapple-Orange Glazed Pork Loin Roast

Polpette e Salssicie  al sugo (meatballs and Italian sausage in tomato sauce)
Shaved fennel and Belgian Endive , Walnut in Sherry Vinaigrette 

Provolone Bread     (provenance: the Kneaded Bread)
Olive Fogasse
Pecan Raisin bread (provenance: the Kneaded Bread)

Homemade Crepes  Layered Tort  with Bavarian Creme and Strawberry / Rasperberry Crown
Torronicini Siciliani Misti (provenance: Cosmo Alex and Pisano Bros)

The homemade layered crepes tort was rich and fabulous . Little Sis "Bubs" made and perfected it.Too bad I did not get a chance to snap a few picture before it was sliced up.

Till Next year,  Let pack up and me climb back upstairs. Got some spiritual reflecting to do.


  1. Man what a feast. Making me hungry. I need to drop by Mick's soon. Been too long !


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