Super Bowl Party Grub with a Twist

I am not a big sports fan , but do enjoy when our local teams. win. Victory parties for the Yanks, Giants Yanks, Giants, and  NY Knicks are happy times. Occasionally , one if  these teams clenches the championship , and this usually means a great ticker tape parade in lower Manhattan . I am very fortune to work in the area, and get to watch and throw stuff out the window. Its spectacular, and usually away from our keyboards for an hour or so.

The Canyon of Heroes
The Canyon of Heros
And now for some cooking. No chips and dip at my house. I decided to come up with some party grub , twisting some of the local tradition. Here are a few things I came up with . 

Buffalo Rabbit Thighs (Baked)

Baked Buffalo Rabbit Thighs

I skipped the frying,a nd I skipped the chicken as you can see. Moist, spicy, and reminiscent of  the Jamaican classic, these pieces of rabbit were not what you expected.

Buffalo Chicken Wings (Baked)
Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings
Of course at home, not everyone was looking forward to rabbit so I did throw in a small tray of more traditional chicken wings and a small bowl of homemade blue cheese dressing, perfect for dunking veggie sticks , wings and rabbit thighs.  As an extra treat, I also made a North Carolina inspired BBQ-like sauce containing some light soy, two types of Louisiana Hot sauce, apple cider vinegar , orange zest and juice, S/P , cayenne pepper for some additional heat.

Speaking of veggies, did you catch the fennel ? It surely beat out the celery and carrots

For all you meat and potato lovers, I did make  a dish for the day after, one that would taste better the day after (happy to report that it did indeed).  A slow cooked pan of rabbit , potatoes, and cubanel peppers, with herbs and white wine.  Stay calm , don't hop off of your seat. There's enough to go around, and I am sure that you would be able to make it this dish yourself. Just think of it as a chicken dish. Yum !

Braised Rabbit
Stewed Rabbit Meat in White Wine
Did I have a plan  B for this Super Bowl party? Of course I did, a quick artisan pasta witha light tomato sauce that just could not go wrong.

Rustic Calabrian Pasta al Pomodoro fresco
Fusilli Calabresi Corti Al Pomodoro Semplice
Can't go wrong with pasta.

Salute !


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