Weekly Fruits of Chinatown

Our trips to Chinatown always yield many dishes. Some fancy , some quick. Today, as a side dish, I thought about using cooking some left over blanched Chinese Broccoli. This is a an easy and fast dish to make and can be used as a side dish.

In my kitchen, broccoli has its place. I use traditional broccoli, you know the one that all little kids like to cringe at with crooked faces. My kitchen welcomes Broccolini, an interesting cross suffering from an identity crisis. Broccoli Rape (aka Rapini), the delicious, slightly bitter vegetable staple of my Calabrian region. If  I counted, I would be that I eat Broccoli di Rape  at least half a dozen times a month.

And then comes Chinese broccoli  . This is the broccoli variety that that I keep forgetting about, partially because I can only find it in Asian markets of Chinatown. But when we take trips down to see our Asian friends around NYC's Mott Street, I always pick up a few bunches. Quality is excellent there, and the freshness the produce just can not be beat.

Chinese Broccoli with Marcona Almonds

Chinese Broccoli with Spanish Almonds

Preparing this is non spectacular, Cut your pre-blanched Chinese Broccoli into large pieces. Toss i saute' pan with some EVOO and S/P, dry red chilies , a small hint of garlic cut into slivers. Cook for a very short while, ensuring that the vegetable does not discolor. Turn off heat, toss in a nice dose of Spanish Marcona Almonds. Don't be cheap when buying them, price does matter with Marconas.

Use this as a side dish with a light meat dish, seafood , or even as a great lunch course on a hot summer day. with a few slices of multi-grain bread.



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