A Special Mid-week menu

There are days when one feels the need the cook to let of some steam. There are others when cooking plays a celebratory function. And there are days like today , when both situations arise. The good news is that I am able to use my passion for cooking to turn off the stress and celebrate a little at candlelight

So on this ultra-busy Thursday which included another good dose of heavy snow shoveling, I present to you today's late dinner proposal

Opening Toast with chilled Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene

NY Finger Lakes Region Riesling

Spinach and Asiago Ravioli with a smoked pancetta, baby pea cream sauce

Pan-seared halibut mini-steaks
Wilted Radicchio with warm French Feta cheese
Baby Arugula salad topped with Fresh Crispy Trumpet Mushroom Chips


Arugula salad

Key Lime Pie with twin dallops of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream

If you are wondering, dinner also comes with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses. Somebody will be very happy later this evening celebrating a very special anniversary.

Radicchio just before we started

Salute !


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