Double Peppered , just for a change

It's no surprise I like spicy food. Here's one that can be made very quickly. It works wonders at parties.

Shrimp in piri - piri sauce 


1/2 lb Fresh White Shirp (unpeeled)
Piri Piri Sauce - 2-3 tablespoons
Fresh Green Chili Peppers (Thai or Serranos work well)
Capers- 1 tablespoon

Firehose - optional

Preparation: Toss all ingredients in sautee' pan over high heat. Ensure that the shrimp does does not over cook. Plate immediately to avoid additional cooking.  Can be served with toothpicks or mini-skewers.

Perfect pairing:  White Spiked Sangria.

Sometimes you need to fight the heat with heat. Keep cool folks.


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