Quick Summer challenge

Sometimes you just do not have time to cook. So what do you do ?  Go for take out  ?  At my house ? Of course not; such a thing is just not not thinkable, and besides I often can beat the delivery guy by 5-10 minutes.

When in a rush, I often resort to this dish. Sauteed mushrooms over your favorite pasta. While mushrooms are easy to find, fresh ones may not always be in your fridge.  That's when your pantry definitely needs to become  your best friend.  I always stock some sliced and whole jarred mushrooms from Giorgio Foods, a company out of Pennsylvania, which as you might know is the 'shroom capital of the US.  Giorgio's brand mushrooms  are very good, just drain the lite brine the mushrooms are packed in , and ensure that you cook with your most flavorful olive oil. Add a couple of small pieces of butter  when the mushrooms are about cooked for a tad of extra flavor. 

Whole Wheat Penne with Sauteed Mushrooms


3-4 jars of Giogio's Sliced Mushrooms
Bottled mushrooms
Imported Oregano, abundant 
3-4 cloves of garlic , crushed , not minced
Dry chili peppers (optional)
2 tablespoons of French butter
Pecorino Romano for topping

Not much to say . Saute' the mushrooms with herbs and garlic. Mount with a bit of butter at the last minute . Toss with your favorite Pasta Corta - short pasta -  for this one.

This time I used some imported red chili peppers packed in Olive Oil, something I picked up  on Arthrur avenue. These chili peppers contain no vinegar which would give the dish the wrong flavor.

The fan club always goes for this dish .

Salute !


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