Summer Style: Spaghetti and Salads

When it is hot, cooking becomes more challenging. Today I fell back on some quick dishes that reqiured little cooking.

The pasta is a classic. To get it right here are some tips.

Do not burn the garlic. just cook over very low heat. This will release the oils in the garlic.
Top with a strong pecorino.
Use whole chili peppers, fresh ones will result in different flavor than dried chilis. Jalapeno will not work well.

Spaghetti Aglio,  Olio e Peperoncino

Summer Beet Salad

Fennel and Pepper Salad

The salads were also straightforward. I used white balsamic as a base vinaigrette for the fennel, and a bit of red balsamic for the beet salad.  Green Chili pepper to turn up the heat.

Happy Summer.


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