Mediterranean Inspired .. So What's new ?

I wanted to play with a with a double wine theme today .  I used white wine to cook my favabeans and  red wine to braise the octopus. 

Israeli Cous-Cous with sides of Fava Beans and Braised Octopus

The cous cous was prepared only with a bit of EVOO and S/P. I intended the toppings to provide the taste experience. The presentation was rustic, but your could obviously bring it to a realm of sophistication by using high culinary forms , creating a stack of ingredients. A base of cous cous, followed by a center of Octopus, topped with a packed layer of fava beans.  A moat of the braising liquids could then encircle the neat tower. Imagine that !

The combination worked very well. And the fan club was happy happy.

Salute !


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